Markets steady across eastern states

01 May, 2013 04:00 AM

LIVESTOCK markets were relatively stable this week with steady reports across the eastern states, according to the MLA.

Throughput at Tamworth, NSW, was steady with young cattle in large numbers. Medium weight vealer steers to restock sold from 150¢ to 183¢ while the heifer portion averaged close to 146¢/kg.

Medium yearling steers to feed sold 7¢ cheaper making 160¢/kg. The 500kg to 600kg grown steers averaged 155¢, while medium D2 cows sold from 75¢ to 99¢/kg.

Consignments at Wagga, NSW, lifted due to the ongoing dry conditions, with fewer feeder buyers operating. Medium vealer steers to restock topped at 170¢ to make 161¢, while the majority of the medium yearling steers to feed sold from 150¢ to 181¢/kg.

Heavy weights to feed averaged 158¢ unchanged on last week. Heavy grown steers to slaughter topped at 184¢ to average close to 174¢/kg. Medium D2 and 3 score cows sold 14¢ to 16¢/kg dearer.

Numbers at Toowoomba, Qld, were relatively steady, however not all the regular buyer were present and operating. Medium yearling steers to feed sold 11¢ cheaper averaging 162¢, while the heavy heifer portion to slaughter ranged from 142¢ to 148¢/kg.

Grown steers and heifers generally sold 6¢ to 4¢ cheaper to process, while heavy D4 cows topped at 130¢ to average 118¢/kg.

At the conclusion of Monday's markets the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) settled on 306.25¢/kg cwt. Trade steers were steady on 177¢, while medium steers lifted 14¢ averaging 158¢/kg.

Heavy steers also improved up 8¢ on 173¢, while the medium cow indicator finished on 104¢/kg. Feeder steers made 164¢, back 3¢/kg.

An increase in yardings was reported at Dubbo, NSW, predominately due to the ongoing dry conditions. The 3 score trade lambs sold from $70 to $101/head, while the 4 score heavy lambs generally sold from $103 to $114/head or 364¢ to 408¢/kg cwt.

Light weight 2 score Merino ewes made $18 to $38/head, while medium weight 3 score lines sold from $34 to $47/head or 133¢ to 186¢/kg cwt.

Throughput at Bendigo, Vic, more than doubled week-on-week, with the usual buyers present and competing in a generally cheaper market. Light weight 2 score first cross lambs averaged $65, up $17/head, while medium weight 3 score lambs to slaughter sold from $75 to $105 up $4/head or 335¢ to 500¢/kg cwt.

Heavy 3 score lambs to process sold 26¢ cheaper averaging 441¢, while 4 score lines generally made from 361¢ to 471¢/kg cwt. Extra heavy 4 score lambs topped at 426¢ to average close to 410¢/kg cwt.

Medium 2 score merino ewes were unchanged on last week making $41/head, while heavy 4 score first cross ewes sold from $43 to $61/head.

At the close of Monday's markets the eastern states lamb restocker indicator finished on 373¢/kg cwt. Merino lambs averaged 341¢ back 14¢, while light lambs were unchanged on 361¢/kg.

Trade lambs slipped 8¢ on 409¢, while heavy lambs averaged 421¢, back 7¢/kg. Mutton averaged 160¢/kg.

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1/05/2013 11:43:25 AM

Perhaps this headline should have read...."Cattle prices stable at levels guaranteed to result in the bankruptcy of at least 50% of producers."
1/05/2013 3:41:44 PM

I agree merc, that would be a more accurate headline. Although if these prices continue I would suggest 50pc is just the start.
1/05/2013 6:38:21 PM

maybe you need a single desk, Merc !!


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