Live export order blown off course

19 May, 2011 09:08 AM
Neil Darby's first experience of exporting cattle to Turkey turned out to be disappointing.
Neil Darby's first experience of exporting cattle to Turkey turned out to be disappointing.

A CONSIGNMENT of cattle originally bound for Turkey found new homes after the Pakenham cattle sale on Thursday.

Extended shipping delays caused the live export order of 1050 steers and heifers to be placed onto the store market, after initially being purchased at March weaner sales.

Alex Scott and Staff’s Neil Darby - who organised the order for export group Candans Livestock Australia - said this was the first time his agency had exported to Turkey.

“It’s a big disappointment, but something that was completely out of our control,” Mr Darby said of the unfortunate situation.

He said warm conditions in Turkey resulted in the cancelled order, which also comprised of dairy heifers.

The cattle were purchased from Hamilton and Casterton, as well as Naracoorte and Mt Gambier in South Australia.

“Candans found out six weeks ago and they instructed us to sell the cattle straight away,” he continued.

The draft attracted a large crowd at the Pakenham selling centre, with the steers topping at $755 for an average of $670.

Mr Darby would not reveal the original purchase price of the line in March, but admitted there would be a loss after a recent drop in the market.

“We did purchase the cattle prior to the Wellards order, before rates escalated,” he said.

“I think we bought at the right time luckily enough.”

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Ban the cruel trade.
19/05/2011 10:50:24 AM, on Stock & Land

As if the live export of cattle to Turkey of all places is acceptable and something to be proud of. The trade may be legal but it morally repugnant. SHAME SHAME SHAME on you bunch of low lifes.
19/05/2011 4:54:32 PM, on Stock & Land

It's time to get rid of the cruel export trade -- and all those uncaring people who are greedy enough to think it is acceptable to continue this barbaric treatment of our unfortunate live animals. Decent people hate all this deliberate animal cruelty.
19/05/2011 8:27:59 PM, on Stock & Land

Just what do you have against the turks then mr ban .
Ian Mott
20/05/2011 10:40:16 AM, on Stock & Land

Here we go again with the usual bunch of sad plodders from "rent-a-zombie-nutter". Shouldn't you guys be off somewhere having a carrot juice?
20/05/2011 8:43:08 PM, on Stock & Land

Ban the export of ALL live animals NOW. They are not "things", they are not "commodities", they are not "produce" or "livestock". They are beings, animals just as we are animals, our fellow Earthlings. It is bad enough that some people have the desire to eat them, at LEAST treat them humanely before their deaths. There is nothing humane in sending a land-based animal on a three-week sea voyage.
20/05/2011 10:46:48 PM, on Stock & Land

Serve the lowlifes right. This trade is wicked and evil and SHAME on all those who are part of it.
21/05/2011 11:17:13 AM, on Stock & Land

Ban the live trade! cruel and disgusting. Shame on all of those immoral people involved in it.
22/05/2011 7:22:11 PM, on Stock & Land

Not satisfied in sending our cattle to the Middle East, Indonesia and Russia now it's Turkey on the agenda. Greedy farmers and exporters are in a class of their own when it comes to the cruel treatment of these sentient beings. Live_ export will end because it is rotten to the core and is a relic of the brutal past Australia's Shame!
23/05/2011 2:42:45 PM, on Stock & Land

Would you speak so casually if these sentient animals were human beings Mr.Darby, I think not? Don't you know animals can suffer the same as we do, or has that thought escaped you and your kind for the Almighty Dollar when greed gets in the way? The live export industry is getting desperate for every day momentum is mounting to end this vile trade which is so inhumane and cruel in the treatment of our farm animals.
23/05/2011 5:12:55 PM, on Stock & Land

Ian Mott - Is this the same Ian Mott who claims to be one of the first "non-smokers rights activists" and who lists his occupation as a lobbyist? If so, wouldn't that qualify you as a "Rent-a-zombie-nutter" yourself Mr Mott? At least people who smoke make the choice to harm themselves. Unlike exported animals who have no say in the suffering they endure and their ultimate death. Some lobbyist you are. Get a new key message. Degrading people with a conscience is wearing thin. I'm not a mindless zombie. I don't drink carrot juice. I eat meat. I wear leather. But I also care. Shame on you and your fellow perpetrators for the torture you facilitate.
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Good observation Itz Me. As big as it is this fleece will pale into insignificance if the Paris
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Agree 100 % with Ed Story. Jock, buy a full length mirror and have a good look at yourself.
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looking under beds for red herrings and ranting at every shadow about trade agreements is a sign