Indonesia eyes frozen meat import cuts

04 Jan, 2012 04:40 PM

REPORTS emanating from the Jakarta Post indicate the Indonesian government will further restrict imports of frozen meat, in what could be seen as a further indication of the commitment to achieving self sustainability in beef by 2014.

According to the Jakarta Post article, the Indonesian government has set itself the goal of cutting frozen meat imports by 34,000 tons in 2012 – "and further, when possible".

Australia’s exports of frozen beef to Indonesia totaled 5,389 tonnes swt to May 2011.

The article continued:

“We will stop importing once local stocks are sufficient for local consumption,” Suswono [Indonesia's Minister of Agriculture] said in Wonogiri, Central Java, on Tuesday.

Indonesia’s frozen meat imports were 90,000 tons in 2011, down from 120,000 tons in 2010, according to Suswono.

The government previously said it would also reduce live cattle imports to 280,000 in 2012, down from 400,000 in 2011 and 600,000 in 2010.

Indonesia reduced its live cattle imports by nearly a half in 2011 due to an increase in local supply, according to officials - and not in retaliation against Australia’s ban on cattle exports to Indonesia.

The Agriculture Ministry announced that domestic cattle growers produced 14.7 million head of livestock last year, more than the nation’s target of 14.5 million for 2014.

Indonesia currently imports live cattle from Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada.

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Bill Pounder
4/01/2012 11:57:27 PM

Ah, well, poor orangutans, once more to the chopping block. Thanks Labor. Thanks vegan nutters.
Bushie Bill
5/01/2012 8:17:20 AM

Ah Billy, your concern for the poor orang-utans is touching, but it is a typically gutless tactic of a social/economic sector that has neither the intelligence nor the confidence to openly argue the merits of a cause on the basis of their financial interest in the outcome. RARAs typically take the easy (and very transparent) way of hiding their selfishness behind perceived "good causes" that will resonate with more rational and reasonable citizens. Billy Boy and the Mutt typically could not give a stuff about anything that doesn't add to their bank account. A typical sad redneck response.
5/01/2012 8:48:59 AM

A classic example of the disasterous effects that can be created when do-gooders impose their best heartfelt intentions toward something they understand little about. As if the Indonesians needed any more encouragement to futher fell rainforrests. And once weve gone, who will oversee the slaughtering and transport practices of these Indo-bred cattle? Our disasterously, blood-stained, so called animal activists are little more than a bunch of blundering osterich's with their heads burried in the Australian sands.
Farmer Greg
5/01/2012 10:13:33 AM

Who cares the damage is done now. Why don't we grow some testicles and cut our exports and financial funding to them anyway and let them cut their rainforest down and starve themselves to death. It's their problem now. This year our excess stock will be taken up by the U.S.A. who will be desperate for meat for burgers by February!
Ian Mott
5/01/2012 11:15:46 AM

BS Bill tries to avoid the consequences of Ludwig's kneejerk and his own metromoronic support of it. Simple maths, 500,000 fewer imported animals = 500,000 extra hectares of cleared Indonesian forest to fill the gap. And still no sign of the R$PCA, Animals Australia or Get-Up investing in a Northern Abattoir to supply a rapidly declining market for frozen beef. Just another day for the urban daytrippers and cheap thrill merchants and not a trace of accepting responsibility for their actions.
5/01/2012 12:34:25 PM

Ah well the animal groups show how pathetic they are, I'm waiting for animal activist groups to march on the Indonesian Government with arms to stop the slaughter Nah they want slaughter that is why the animal activist wanted the kind Aussie farmer out of the way! They have achievesd & rest on there laurels of cutting welfare standards!
5/01/2012 1:35:04 PM

Well said, Bushie Bill. As for Hungry? what is there not to understand about the animal torture we saw? We animal advocates can only control what we can control and that being the case we should not be sending any animal to any people in any country in the (war torn and pirate infested) Middle East or South East Asia. If they want meat they can have it. Frozen or not at all. Farmer Greg is absolutely right - you people are incapable of thinking outside the square (or thinking at all, for that matter)
Bushie Bill
5/01/2012 2:35:19 PM

So FG wants to take his ball and go home in a huff, but does not have the nous or patience, and doesn’t care, to think through to stage 2, which is that if we did what this fool thinks is a brilliant piece of international diplomacy, it would hurt us. It would be mutually self-destructive, with more damage to us than to them. Great thinking FG! Now go back to your ox-drawn plough, in the hope that you know more about that than international trade and the conduct of foreign relationships.
5/01/2012 4:03:34 PM

Oh Nicky, once there are no quality guidance whatsoever from Australia with regard to Indonesian abottoirs, do you think they will raise their standards on their own behalf? Or is it just Australian cattle that feel pain? Talk about thinking outside the square, but well done, you and your ilk have condoned unsanctioned slaughter of livestock with no quality assurance - but I guess it's OK if you can't watch it on a video.
5/01/2012 4:42:34 PM

Nicky,Nicky,Nicky.You just don't get it do you, and probably never will. But rather than return a gob full of self-righteous,bigotted rot(as seems to have become your standard practice)nor some form of opinion in an attempt to explain why it is that Live Exports are an important part of the Australian-agricultural jigsaw puzzle as well as to the benift of animal welfare outcomes world wide,I will attempt to do as usually happens when you spew rot like a Mount Versuvious, and ignore you.Oops,too late, silly me!
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