Heat impacts prices at Euroa weaners

17 Jan, 2013 04:32 PM
Shade was a valuable commodity at today's weaner sale at Euroa.
Shade was a valuable commodity at today's weaner sale at Euroa.

TOUGH market conditions continued at the Euroa Blue Ribbon Weaner sale today, with steers topping at $645.

And with the temperature sitting just below 40 degrees, there didn't seem to be an end in sight for those waiting for rain.

Elders area manager Paul McCormick said most classes of cattle were $30 to $40 cheaper than recent sales, and that was where the market sat.

“Cents per kilogram there wasn’t many over $1.60, and a lot of steers sold between $1.50-$1.60,” he said.

Euro calves were attractive to buyers again, with select prices up to 177-178c/kg.

Howards Bend Pastoral, Seymour, sold 16 Charolais Angus steers, 10-11 months and 422kg, at $645 or 153c/kg.

A majority of the first run of pens of Euros sat above the 170c/kg mark, with 26 Simmental-cross steers, 333kg, offered by Ponkeen selling at $610 or 183c/kg.

The top pens of Angus cattle sat just below 160c/kg, or averaged about $550 per head.

Castle Coombe Pastoral, Seymour, sold the tops, making $620 or 160c/kg for 25 Pert Genetics blood Angus steers, 388kg.

Quality breeding heifers made prices close to their brothers, with the top pens making on or close to $600, while trade heifers were tougher, making $300-$400.

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