Facing ‘reality’ of cattle crisis

01 May, 2013 03:21 PM
People and politicians are invited to come together to seek sustainable solutions and a way forward through the dire set of circumstances facing the northern beef industry.
People and politicians are invited to come together to seek sustainable solutions and a way forward through the dire set of circumstances facing the northern beef industry.

A GROUP of beef producers has taken the initiative to hold a Beef Crisis Summit in Richmond on May 7.

People and politicians are invited to come together to seek sustainable solutions and a way forward through the dire set of circumstances facing the northern beef industry.

Richmond mayor John Wharton expects up to 300 people to attend the meeting.

"There is a steering committee that has been formed right across the north-west, from Boulia to Georgetown, to Cloncurry and Hughenden.

"The live export industry is what's killing us at the moment; it's not just the drought.

"But to get down to the nitty gritty and for long term change, we have the change the Federal Government's policies."

Hughenden grazier, Rob Atkinson agrees.

Mr Atkinson says the summit has to try and reduce the rate of the Australian dollar.

"You can't have industries going broke and people going into receivership and have the industry survive in the future.

"We have to get politicians to understand there are ways to make our Australian dollar less attractive."

Kelsey Neilson from Two Rivers Station, Boulia, said industry tried to warn the Gillard government and animal activists that the suspension of the live export trade could potentially create the worst animal welfare issue ever witnessed in Australia.

“Condemning the entire trade based on an isolated incident beyond our shores and immersed in the fervour of their misguided campaign; activists and politicians turned their faces away and covered their ears when we tried to bring them back to earth to face reality,” she said.

“That reality is now upon us.

“We knew that you could not simply halt the massive beef production systems of northern Australia overnight.

“The decimation of the live export trade to Indonesia has seen a build-up of cattle numbers in the north as last year’s cattle and this year’s stack up on each other with nowhere to go and nature's hand swings the death blow by delivering the most severe widespread failure of the summer wet season in living memory.”

She said dry conditions are forcing record numbers onto the market and collapsing prices.

“With no agistment available and the cost of trucking cattle to market greater than the returns, little or no pasture remaining in the paddock, severely diminished cashflow threatening the capacity of producers to purchase fodder and supplements the beef industry is in crisis.”

She said the entire Australian beef industry needs to be concerned and involved in the issue of what's happening in the north.

Please RSVP to Amy Russell on 07 4741 3277 by Thursday 2 May 2013 for catering and accommodation purposes.

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1/05/2013 7:19:41 PM, on The Land

Doesn't say much for the Red Meat Industry structure, with our "represenatives" Cattle Council under the direct control of Miinster Ludwig whenever he sees fit (prescribed). Just look , next impost animal welafare legislation, when famers profit is linked to animal welfare, however lets just let government regulate the industry to death. Good work Cattle Council, please help us go broke faster!!
2/05/2013 6:39:25 AM, on The Land

How could you expect any thing else from the nitwits in government.
Top Ender
2/05/2013 8:57:23 AM, on Queensland Country Life

Do you really expect people who not only don't understand economics, but have no grasp of reality to understand what is basically a very simple production system that is Agriculture. Canberra might be situated in an old sheep paddock but that is where the connection with agriculture starts and ends.
2/05/2013 9:51:13 AM, on The Land

And what have you done to serve the industry Archibald? It is easy to continually criticise from behind, at least industry representatives are having a go, mostly at great personal cost to themselves, their families and their business. Stop whinging and lend a hand, I am sure you have much to offer?
2/05/2013 10:07:42 AM, on Queensland Country Life

Can we get Four Corners to the Top End and relay a story to the community on how the cattle industry is going now? It would be a good initiative with tax payer dollars to explain how minority groups can influence the path of history with ill conceived support.
2/05/2013 10:48:22 AM, on The Land

Well Ando, the same could be asked of you, what have you done? Just because one criticises the existing structure and absolute lack of democracy and control by grass fed producers of their sector, does not mean that nothing is being done behind the scenes. There are proposals released for the restucture of cattle producer representation, however the "industry" CCA MLA etc do not want democracy for livestock producers. The government "prescribed industry" including Cattle Council want to retain their assigned control given to them by the AMLI ACT 1997.
2/05/2013 12:01:06 PM, on The Land

Ando, let me ask you a question. Why weren't Cattle Council all over the media fighting for a better outcome for grass fed producers, when Joe Ludwig was about to stop live export? Answer, Cattle Council's "roles" are conflicted and they cannot say they represent cattle producers, they represent the government "industry".
2/05/2013 12:39:27 PM, on The Land

Ando, I don't know a single person who wants to retain the failed CCA/MLA structure. Everyone wants it gone right now.
2/05/2013 4:39:12 PM, on Stock & Land

We have a once in a lifetime chance to get free money and lower the dollar. It's called quantative easing or QE. USA, EU and UK are doing it. If we print say 100 billion and use it to buy 100 billion of our debt, the dollar will go down by 10-20% the next day. We get 100 billion and a lower dollar. You can't keep doing it but as a once off it's a perfect solution
2/05/2013 6:26:02 PM, on The Land

Archibald, firstly no one knew Ludwig was going to stop LE. Secondly Cattle Council is made up of grass-fed cattle producers. Finally, CCA and MLA are totally separate entities and should not be spoken of as one. Merc, if your observation was accurate they would have been disbanded long ago. C'mon guys, come forward with some rational and intelligent opinions that can add value, lot more pleasant and helpful than continually talking everything down!
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Well done to Sanger Australia and also to MLA and Minister of Trade.
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Denialist agenda, really Nico, what is my denialist agenda ? The only one with an agenda is
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Why not use the June 30th deadline to wind up the GRDC?? This is a serious proposition because