Angus steers reach $784 at Wodonga

03 Jan, 2013 02:38 PM

ANGUS steers have met anticipated demand at the opening of the 2013 Victorian beef weaner sales at Wodonga today.

Prices in the opening three lanes of the 4500 head Angus-only yarding have generally made $640 to $750 with a market top of $784 paid for a pen of 49 weighing 428kg.

The prize-winning yard was offered by the McQuilter family, Sandigo, Narrandera and was awarded the best presented of the sale.

Wodonga auctioneer Michael Scollard, Paull & Scollard said prices were as expected with the bulk of the earlier steer sales making 180-200c/kg lwt.

Pens of EU-accredited steers were sought at premium rates although only about a third were retained in the EU-production system.



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