US animal standards fight restarts in Ohio

21 Mar, 2010 03:00 AM

The Ohio House voted 90 to 0 last week to establish the Ohio Livestock Standards Board.

At the same time, Humane Society of the United States President Wayne Pacelle was in Ohio to kick off another constitutional ballot issue.

The issue would require the farm standards board to ban extreme confinement of pigs, chickens and other animals for most of their lives, prohibit using sick or injured cows for human consumption, and eliminate inhumane euthanasia methods.

Under the ballot issue, farm owners or operators would be barred from tethering or confining any calf raised for veal, pig during pregnancy, or egg-laying hen, on a farm, for all or the majority of any day, in a manner that prevents such animal from lying down, standing up, fully extending his or her limbs, or turning around freely.

A half-dozen exceptions are listed, including ones for fairs, rodeos and 4-H shows.

If 402,275 valid signatures of Ohio registered voters are collected by June 29, the proposal will be placed on the November ballot as a statewide constitutional issue.

Pacelle expects to have thousands of volunteers hitting the streets to gather signatures.

The Ohio Farm Bureau and other agricultural organizations that supported Issue 2 last fall have vowed to fight the HSUS proposal.

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eric mills
21/03/2010 11:18:57 AM

Here in California we recently passed a similar ballot initiative by a whopping 63% of the vote. People DO care about the welfare of farm animals, and any politician who values staying in office should take heed. Surely it's not asking too much for a caged farm animal to be allowed room "to turn around, lie down and extend his/her limbs." It borders upon the obscene that we even have to debate such an obvious ethical and moral issue. Here in the U.S. we consume an astounding 10 BILLION animals annually (not including fish), most of whom never see the light of day or set foot to earth. More than half the pharmaceuticals produced in the U.S. are fed to farm animals, with often serious health problems for people who eat these products. The animals (and we) deserve better. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS HUMANE BALLOT INITIATIVE. x Eric Mills, coordinator ACTION FOR ANIMALS Oakland
21/03/2010 8:03:25 PM

It seems the animals will have more rights then the wetbacks, they already have more room.
24/03/2010 8:25:35 PM

Good on Wayne Pacelle for restarting another constitutional ballot issue. Once people are made aware of the terrible suffering and conditions that factory-farmed animals have to endure why wouldn't they support this humane ballot initiative? There is no doubt that this ballot will succeed and politicians take note or face the consequences.


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Pleased that common sense has prevailed. Being close to the policy makers cannot be underestimated
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JohnCarpenter, The lamb and mutton job is going okay- we must be doing some things right.
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Spot on X. Let the Chinese buy as long as we can buy freely in China