Farmer Power and UDV unite

01 Feb, 2013 02:04 PM
The newly-formed group Farmer Power has agreed to work together with the State's dairy lobby group to gain financial assistance for producers.
The newly-formed group Farmer Power has agreed to work together with the State's dairy lobby group to gain financial assistance for producers.

THE United Dairyfarmers of Victoria and leaders of the Farmer Power movement have agreed to work together on gaining government financial assistance for struggling dairy farmers.

Following a meeting in Warrnambool last night the UDV and Farmer Power released a joint statement that stated: "The VFF/UDV and Farmer Power are working together to seek financial assistance that farmers need right now."

The statement went on to reinforce that: "Dairy is our state's biggest export earner. Together we need to support our farmers for the future of the state.

"We will be going to banks to get their support and then to government to get financial assistance for farmers."

UDV president Kerry Callow said the viability of dairy farmers has been threatened by unsustainable milk prices and they need government support.

"Dairy farmers are suffering from a dramatic slump in farmgate milk prices in the face of a high Australian dollar and rising input costs and the impact of the carbon tax," Ms Callow said.

Farmer Power co-organiser Jock O’Keefe said the bottom line was that dairy farmers were not being paid enough for their milk.

"Our campaign has put the issue of the dairy crisis in the spotlight. Now we have to act," Mr O’Keefe said.

VFF president Peter Tuohey said dairy farmers were sick of being ignored by governments, while other sectors were given vast sums to stay afloat.

"The federal and state governments – past and present – have a long history of pouring billions of dollars into keeping foreign-owned car makers in Australia.

"We’ve seen Toyota, Ford and general Motors (Holden) gaining vast sums to protect Australian jobs, yet dairying employs almost as many workers on farms and in dairy processing," Mr Tuohey said.

The car manufacturing sector employs 45,000 people across the country compared to 43,500 dairy farmers and processing workers.

"Why is a Ford worker in Geelong more important than a dairy farmer in Noorat?," Mr Tuohey said.

"Most experts recognise that the local car industry will not be viable in the long term.

"But most of us, including the Prime Minister recognise the enormous potential for our agriculture sector - with dairy being an important component - in the growing middle classes of our regional neighbours."

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Boonah Bob
2/02/2013 7:20:42 AM, on Queensland Country Life

You Victorians are quick to forget that your previous leaders insisted on deregulation and the Howard/Truss government of the day obliged. Now the rest of the Australian dairy farmers suffer because of your selfish actions. You do not hear the supermarkets complaining do you?
create a political voice
2/02/2013 11:25:54 AM, on Stock Journal

It is about time farmers realise they have to unite and become a political voice. Farming bodies are not a powerful lobby group as I discovered when I approached them to achieve financial protection for clients of law firms who entrust money and assets to law firms, a very dangerous thing to do as laws guard the lawyers and their insurers and funds from claims when a clients funds go missing. Farmers need to hire experts in how to use media and how to run a campaign to sell the issue to not just the politicians but to the public. Learn from the animal rights activists who are using media.
4/02/2013 11:42:13 AM, on The Land

Boonah Bob, Victorian farmers got to vote on whether deregulation occurred with or without compensation. We were not given a option on voting papers to vote against deregulation and if you recall deregulation wasn't going to happen unless all other states voted it in also. Guess that means that we weren't the only selfish ones.
5/02/2013 10:44:02 AM, on The Land

I'm with political voice, Farmers are easily defeated on any matter because of small peak bodies with no clout. I started making a list the other day, I have to admit I didn't realise just how many there are, havent finished the list yet,either, turns out to be quite a task. We need to all get together and stand as one! Use social media, Tv and radio, etc. We don't champion our cause. We seem to have three main problems stymying ag, Envoromental groups peddling all sorts of rubbish and driving public opinion and policy, Free market economics, and a roll over and take it mentality.
cow man
7/02/2013 9:28:25 AM, on Queensland Country Life

Austgal, you are completely wrong. Regulation would have stayed if ALL states voted for it. They all did, overwhelmingly except one - Victoria. You reap what you sow.
Garry on farm at the bool
2/03/2013 12:01:59 PM, on Stock & Land

Hey , ' create a political voice ' 'nev' and boonah bob would be great if you could drop me a line .. Re ideas on how farmers can unite better and use media to enhance lobby strength.. I'm trying to help farmer power group with ideas to gain this traction and better lobby ... Thanks


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Well done to Sanger Australia and also to MLA and Minister of Trade.
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Denialist agenda, really Nico, what is my denialist agenda ? The only one with an agenda is
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Why not use the June 30th deadline to wind up the GRDC?? This is a serious proposition because