Friesian surprise at Sale

IT WAS an interesting day at Sale on Friday, with 70 per cent of the yarding comprising of Friesian steers of varying weights, some Friesian heifers and a number of dairy-cross steers and heifers.

However, the first two lanes of steers did include a number of small drafts of Angus and Hereford steers, which although cheaper, sold reasonably well.

BG&GM Missen, Woodside, sold 32 Angus steers from $800 and $908, averaging $872.

Demand was quite good for the steer portion of Angus and Hereford breeds.

East Gippsland Livestock purchased the lion's share of these from $670-$720.

A few lighter weight steers sold from $480-$590.

Because of the number of Friesian steers yarded, buyers could pick and choose.

There were higher expectations of price than that was offered and some were not sold.

F&D Boulton, Sale, sold 49 steers from $492-$555, which were 16 months to two years of age.

Plenty of the steers were lighter weights or immature and young steers, which sold from $285-$450.

Some of the lighter weight steers sold better, pound for pound than the older ones.

Dairy cross steers also varied greatly in weight and age, the older steers selling from $580-$800.

Competition for better bred heifers was not too bad, on faltering market. Prices were mostly $470-$665.

Lightweight Angus heifers sold from $390-$450, and some crossbred heifers made to $562.

From there it was into the dairy and crossbred heifers, which sold better than similar steers, making $255-$465.

There was a small selection of cows and calves penned, which sold from $740-$1210, most were crossbred cows in plainer condition and sold well for their condition and type.

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